Reston and Fairfax County Pre-Nuptial Attorneys Assisting Couples

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Pre-Nuptial Agreements are recognized by statute in Virginia. These agreements can be very comprehensive or can cover limited areas depending on the goals of the clients and their particular situations. It is important that you hire a skilled and knowledgeable Fairfax County Pre-Nuptial Attorney. Pre-Nuptial agreements have to be approached not only with sensitivity to the emotions involved in an upcoming marriage, but also with the formality of a contract affecting important future marital rights. It is important to consult an Reston County Pre-Nuptial attorney early in the process before the wedding since planning a marriage can be very hectic. At Hirsch & Ehlenberger PC, we do our best to approach this subject with care and professionalism. Our dedicated Fairfax County Pre-Nuptial Lawyers keep your needs first every step of the way. We also offer other family law services, please contact us if you have questions or issues in family law matters.