Skilled Reston and Fairfax Property Division Attorneys

Fairfax County and Reston VA property division attorney

Divorce often involves the division of a variety of types of property due to the many assets clients acquire during their lives. While the list of types of property is extensive it's not as tough emotionally compared to other areas such as child custody. We often deal with division such as real estate, businesses, financial accounts, stocks, stock options, retirement (both defined benefit and defined contribution), and certain types of life insurance. Where the parties have marital debt, this is also divided. Property division can occur by written agreement or, if necessary, through court-ordered relief. Our approach at Hirsch & Ehlenberger PC, is to identify, classify and establish a value for property, and then suggest possibilities for division. Talking with a Fairfax Property Division Attorney can help you understand more about the division of property.

If you would like more information about what to expect during the division of property or any other family law matter, contact Hirsch & Ehlenberger PC for an initial consultation with a Reston Property Division Lawyer.