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Hirsch & Ehlenberger, P.C. has provided high-quality legal representation to the Northern Virginia community since 1989, practicing exclusively in the areas of divorce and family law throughout Northern Virginia, serving Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, Arlington County and the City of Alexandria. Our Northern Virginia divorce lawyers offer a range of services to accommodate those practice areas, as well as professional and experienced legal representation. The firm is comprised of six Fairfax County divorce lawyers, two paralegals and highly competent support staff to assist clients. We handle routine as well as complex family law matters.

6 Reasons to Choose Hirsch & Ehlenberger, PC

Fairfax County divorce lawyers

  • Experienced – Since 1989 we have been practicing divorce and family law throughout Northern Virginia. Our level of experience is matched by few other firms. Because of the highly personal nature of this area of law, there are no “cookie cutter” solutions. Our proven Northern Virginia divorce attorneys understand the nuances that often determine how successfully a case is resolved.
  • Problem-Solving Orientation – More than just about any other area of law, family and divorce law cases are about people, not just dry legal principles. At Hirsch & Ehlenberger, we mix a keen understanding of human nature with a nuanced legal understanding to pull together unique legal solutions that are just as individual as you are.
  • Available and Approachable – We are a firm of six Northern Virginia divorce lawyers. This means we’re big enough to command the resources that sole practitioners lack, yet small enough to ensure that you are more than just another case. One of our skilled Northern Virginia family law attorneys can provide professional and supportive legal help.
  • Straightforward – Our Fairfax County divorce lawyers are upfront with clients from the start. For example, if we think that it will be an uphill battle to keep your house, we will tell you exactly that. Clients appreciate our honest and straightforward approach since it allows them to make the best decisions for their children and themselves.
  • Compassionate – It takes more than a brilliant legal mind to successfully navigate a family law issue. Emotions run high, and even a successful case can be gut-wrenching for everyone involved. Our compassionate Northern Virginia divorce attorneys try to address the emotional aspects of separation and divorce and their impact of the family.
  • Commitment – Divorce and family law is not just our job – it’s our mission. We are committed to giving you the highest quality representation whether your case is resolved by negotiation, mediation or litigation.

Practice Areas

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Divorce – No two divorce cases are alike and it takes considerable skill, empathy, and commitment to craft a solution that addresses all of your concerns. It is particularly important right from the beginning to determine how disputes may be able to be resolved: through negotiation, mediation or litigation.  It is also important to be able to navigate back and forth through these possible resolutions, guiding cases toward possible settlements while also being prepared to go to court if it becomes necessary.  An experienced divorce attorney will be able to advise you on the best approach and provide compassion during this tough time in your life.

Divorce Mediation – Divorce mediation, if pursued realistically, can avoid much of the trauma and expense of courtroom litigation in an absolutely confidential environment. While Brian Hirsch is certified in Family Mediation by the Virginia Supreme Court, all of our Fairfax County divorce attorneys are advocates for our clients in procedures administered by third-party mediators.  Brian Hirsch has mediated cases throughout Northern Virginia.

Our Northern Virginia divorce lawyers also help with child support and custody matters

Child Custody – Child custody cases are often emotionally intense and it is important to devise flexible solutions that address your children’s unique needs. Negotiated solutions are obviously preferable, although they are not always possible. When they are not, our Fairfax County divorce attorneys are prepared to take your case to court. 

Child Support – Child support is often determined by Virginia’s child support guidelines, although are times when a deviation is appropriate in unique situations. We can help you understand how these calculations work and whether any of the deviating factors may apply in your case. 

Spousal Support - Spousal support is a complicated area of law. Although there are temporary spousal support guidelines in some localities, these guidelines do not apply when the Court is making a final spousal support award. Instead, the Court must weigh and consider 13 statutory factors. It is our challenge to make sure our clients are treated fairly in the context of the unavoidable ambiguity that surrounds this area of law. Discussing this matter with an experienced Fairfax County divorce attorney from our law firm will help you understand these issues.

Property Division/Equitable Distribution – Some property division cases are reasonably simple, while others are indescribably complex. Either way, it is our job to make sure that you are treated fairly – not only with respect to the division of assets, but the division of debts as well. An experienced Fairfax County divorce attorney will be able to help you with your property division matters.

Separation Agreements – Divorce in Virginia can be greatly expedited by the creation and execution of a formal written separation agreement. A well-drafted separation agreement can anticipate and resolve many difficulties that might otherwise arise, and it can pave the way for eventual divorce or reconciliation. These agreements often involve significant assets and debts. Not only are we skilled in handling routine assets, such as houses, bank accounts and retirement, but we also have extensive experience in more complicated assets, such as business interests, stock options and restricted stock units. Give us a call to find how we can help you with your specific scenario.

Pre-Nuptial/Post Nuptial Agreements – Enforcing Virginia divorce law as it is written can result in harsh consequences for one or both parties under certain circumstances. One of the ways of mitigating this risk is the execution of pre-nuptial agreements or post-nuptial agreements. We tailor these agreements with care to protect our clients and avoid unintended consequences.


Our team of Northern Virginia divorce lawyers is proud of our Martindale-Hubble “AV Preeminent Rating,” our strong reputation within the legal community and our long history of personal service to our clients. Although we are based in Reston, our clients come from the entire Northern Virginia area.  Many of our clients live in neighboring counties but find our Reston location conveniently close to where they work, while still allowing them to have an attorney experienced in their home county.  Our reputation is strong throughout Loudoun County, Prince William County, Arlington County and the City of Alexandria, even though we are located in Fairfax County.

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