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Guiding couples through the toughest times



Keeping divorce issues out of court.

Prenups and Postnups

Prenups And Postnups

Helping couples enforce financial plans.

Child Custody

Child Custody

Protecting what matters mosts

Child Support

Child Support

Establishing and enforcing child support payments

Spousal Support

Spousal Support

Seeking spousal support after divorce

Finding The Right Path For You

Despite common ideas of what a divorce case looks like, there are plenty of routes a case can take. You may be able to come to an agreement outside of court to avoid the costs and stress of the courtroom. You may be able to negotiate a customized arrangement for child custody and the division of important belongings. The bottom line: no case will look the same.

We are building your case, not a generic case with a generic approach.

We also help couples, whether wed or soon-to-be spouses, to discuss and enforce important financial matters through prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. Like our approach to every family law case, we will look at your personal situation to recommend a plan that makes sense for both of you.

Six Reasons To Choose Hirsch & Ehlenberger, P.C.


It takes more than a brilliant legal mind to successfully serve clients. We address the emotional aspects of separation and its impact on families.


Divorce and family law is not just our job – it’s our mission. We hold ourselves to the highest quality representation in negotiation, mediation and litigation.


We have been practicing family law throughout Northern Virginia since 1989. Our level of experience is matched by few other firms in the area.

Problem Solving

Divorce and family law cases are about people, not just legal principles. We mix an understanding of human nature and legal experience to find unique solutions.


We are upfront from the start. If we think that it will be an uphill battle for the house, we will tell you exactly that. This allows you to make the best decisions for your situation.


We are a firm of six attorneys, big enough to command resources that sole practitioners lack, yet small enough to ensure you are more than just another case. We are available to offer supportive legal help.

Dedicated Lawyers Serving Northern Virginia


I found Danielle and her law firm after feeling lost in the process with a different law firm. I was in need of an attorney that would provide me the guidance I was missing. Danielle took into account what issues were important to me, such as time with my children, and what issues I was willing to compromise on. Over several months she worked tirelessly to make sure the final agreement was something I was satisfied with. She was always available and responsive to me, she kept me in the loop during the whole process, and I felt like she was two steps ahead of the opposing attorney Danielle is organized, professional, logical, knowledgeable, caring and always responsive. I would recommend Danielle to anyone needing an attorney for any legal family matter issue.

“My ex and I were supposed to negotiate a revision to our spousal support agreement, but we ended up miles apart. I didn’t want to go to court, yet I simply couldn’t afford to offer any more money. Nicole Burns reassured me that I wasn’t crazy—that I’d already matched the best my ex was likely to get from a judge and that, in the long run, my best option was to face her down. The ensuing months were a drain in many ways, as my ex and her attorney dragged out the process. Nicole was responsive and helpful throughout, however, focusing strongly on substance as she filed the motion, ushered me through discovery, and issued subpoenas as needed. I was grateful for her tolerance of my occasional frustration and—if I’m being honest—anger. It can’t be fun wading into a broken marriage, and I admire her focus. Meanwhile the firm’s paralegal support was always excellent, and I felt welcome whenever I arrived to pore through documents in person. As the hearing date approached, our case grew increasingly solid and things looked good. My ex came to the table and we settled at the last minute for roughly what I had offered in the first place. Could we have avoided all that time, pain, and expense? Yes, and I wish we had. Unfortunately, it takes two people to agree. When that didn’t happen, I was pleased to have Hirsch & Ehlenberger behind me. I recommend the firm—and Nicole Burns specifically—without hesitation.”

From the very first meeting with Brian, I knew that he would serve my best interests at all times. He is very open and transparent about the separation/divorce process, detailing timeline, possible scenarios, outcome and costs. While my case did not seem complex at first, it quickly evolved into a stalemate for settlement, then to litigation. Brian was calm and strategic throughout the process, making the right moves at the right time.

Mr. Hirsch’s recognition as one of the top divorce attorneys in Virginia is well-deserved. He skillfully and patiently guided me from separation, through negotiated property and support agreements, to an eventual cessation of support upon retirement.

Carol Ehlenberger was exactly what I needed for my divorce. I had a “simple” noncontested divorce this past year and she took such good care of my case. I am sure it was “small” in comparison to most cases she handles but she treated my case with such importance that I never felt worried about any small details.

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