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Child custody can be complex area of law. Each situation is different, and the family situations change over time. This is also the most emotionally charged area within family law. At Hirsch & Ehlenberger, P.C., our Northern Virginia child custody lawyers are experienced in handling custody issues at every stage of litigation and settlement, including initial determinations of child custody, parenting plans and child visitation as well modifications of existing agreements and court orders.

When the courts are needed to ensure a child’s best interests, we are experienced in advocating for the best result for the child. We regularly work with clients when there are issues of physical abuse and/or mental abuse between the parents or against a child in the family. We understand how to navigate the court system to get your relief as quickly as possible.

Numerous Issues Factor Into Child Custody Decisions

When issues involving child custody are presented to courts, the judges are required to consider a variety of factors, including:

  • The child’s age and mental and physical condition
  • The age and physical and mental condition of each parent
  • Basic needs of the child,
  • Each parent’s ability to foster a good relationship with the child
  • The reasonable preference of the child
  • Any history of family abuse

In presenting a child custody or child visitation case, we are mindful of all of these factors. Our attorneys will work with you to prepare for your court appearance, including preparing exhibits and your testimony.

Modifications To Your Parenting Plan Are Possible

Modifications of custody or visitation situations can be achieved only after showing a material change in circumstances that warrants a modification. Many litigants who do not have lawyers assisting them in filing or presenting their case often fail to address this important threshold issue. Our lawyers have experience in negotiating modifications of custody and visitation orders when needed, as we understand that your children’s needs and preferences may change as they get older, requiring you to re-address these areas.

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