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Gain More Control Over Your Divorce With An Experienced Mediator

The divorce process can often make those involved feel overwhelmed and without a say in the final judgments. A judge presiding over an issue like child custody may lead to an undesired outcome for both parties. In general, adding a trial to your divorce can be costly and intimidating. Mediation is a more cost-effective process that will give you and your spouse more control over your divorce.  

At Hirsch & Ehlenberger, P.C.., in Reston, we provide families with supportive legal counsel wherever they are in their divorce stage. Our aim in facilitating divorce mediation is to make your process as painless as possible.

An Agreement Catered To Your Needs

The divorce mediation process is relatively simple. The divorcing couple and their mediator will meet in private and discuss what important matters to factor into agreements. Such matters will include asset division, child custody arrangements and – if necessary – spousal support. Once both parties come to an agreement on these matters, the mediator will draft the official agreement for both parties to review before submission.

How Long Will Mediation Take?

While mediation is a much more efficient process than a trial divorce, it is hard to determine the length of any given mediated divorce. Complications can arise while dividing various assets, for instance, and that may result in additional meetings. However, our attorneys have decades of experience in divorce law. We know the best ways to streamline your process without losing sight of what matters.

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In addition to its cost-efficiency, mediation via divorce is a more private option. We offer family law services throughout Northern Virginia. To schedule a consultation, call 703-481-6063 or reach out using our online contact form.