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Harassing calls? Ask for a court-monitored app for communication

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2021 | Divorce

There are times when divorces get nasty. While most people won’t go through a particularly contentious divorce, some people get unlucky and have such a significant dispute that there are threats of abuse or serious concerns about harassment.

Whether it’s calls berating someone over how they raise their child to showing up at an estranged spouse’s work to harass them, there are serious issues that may come up. Fortunately, for communication-related issues, there is a simple solution.

Introducing a court-monitored application for communication

Thanks to the changes in technology over the years, there is now a simple way to monitor all conversation between yourself and your ex-spouse: court-monitored apps.

These are often messaging apps that allow you to communicate, but since they’re monitored by the court, the idea is that both parties will be on their “best behavior.” Someone who would call and threaten you may think twice about doing so if the court has direct access to any messages they send.

When should you consider asking for court-monitoring?

It may be a good idea to ask a court to monitor your communications and to ask that your ex-spouse only communicates through the court-approved methods if:

  • Your ex-spouse is calling and threatening you
  • Your ex-spouse is leaving violent or abusive voicemails
  • You’re receiving rude or harassing emails
  • You cannot have a conversation with your estranged spouse without a conflict
  • You’re being accused of not being flexible or negotiating, but your estranged spouse is causing the disputes during conversations
  • You have to co-parent with someone who doesn’t want to communicate or who causes conflicts

Court-monitored apps are most commonly used when people have to remain co-parents following their divorce but have difficulty communicating effectively through other means. It’s possible to get a monitored app in other situations, though.

You can avoid disputes with various techniques

Additionally, you can use other methods to avoid disputes, such as letting all calls go to voicemail or requiring written communication only. Your attorney can help you with this if you keep being harassed or abused through unrecorded means. You deserve a chance to work through this situation without the stress and trauma of constant conflict.


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