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What qualifies as a high asset divorce?

A high asset divorce is one in which the marital net worth totals $1,000,000 or more. Over the years the couple may have purchased several homes, multiple cars, a yacht or any number of high-priced items. The division of assets in a high net worth divorce can be...

Why mediate your divorce?

If you are dreading the thought of your divorce, it is important to realize that it does not need to be a horror show. You do not need to spend weeks in court bringing up every little thing your spouse once did in an attempt to get the settlement you need. Mediation...

Why these 4 problems may result in divorce

Part of marriage is letting go of part of yourself and sharing your life with another. Your spouse may share similar interests, which made you attracted to them in the first place. They may have even given you something out of life you never had before your marriage....


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