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Can an attorney warn your spouse you want to file?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2021 | Divorce

You have thought for some time that it may be time to file for divorce. Maybe your spouse mistreats you, or perhaps you simply don’t make each other happy anymore. You know that divorce is likely the right decision.

However, you don’t really know the law in Virginia, and so you probably feel nervous about taking any steps toward divorce. Just getting in touch with an attorney who could tell you more about state law may seem like a risk. After all, you may worry that your spouse could find out you called a lawyer.

Do you have to worry about your initial calls or consultations getting back to your spouse if you think you want to divorce?

Your attorney-client privilege is immediate

You do not need to sign a contract with a lawyer or even decide to hire them for attorney-client privilege to apply to your communications. When you interact with a lawyer and share with them private details about your life, you have a right to confidentiality under Virginia state law.

Even if you do not hire them or have not initiated any legal proceedings, they cannot disclose the information you share with them to anyone else. In fact, they should not even confirm to your spouse that they spoke to you.

You can learn the basics about divorce law in Virginia without putting yourself in a risky position or losing the element of surprise for your own financial or physical protection. Knowing the rules that apply to Virginia divorces and family law matters can help you make better legal decisions.


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