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Is it always a good sign when marital arguments stop?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | Divorce

Imagine that you’ve spent the last year feeling like you’re constantly disagreeing and arguing with your spouse. Everything that the two of you talk about seems to turn into an argument, and you’re just never on the same page. 

Eventually, it’s getting so stressful that you start thinking that your spouse will probably ask for a divorce. But then, the arguing stops. Your spouse stops getting into these conflicting conversations with you, and it seems like things have calmed down. You may be inclined to believe that things are getting better and you’re moving farther away from divorce, but is the opposite actually true? 

Why did you stop arguing? 

The thing to ask yourself is exactly why those arguments stopped. If there’s no other reason, and it’s clear that you’re still not on the same page, it might mean that your spouse has essentially given up on the relationship. 

If your spouse believes the relationship is beyond saving, they may decide to concentrate their time and energy on preparing for divorce instead. After all, what is the point of arguing over minor issues that will become irrelevant within months?

So, while fewer arguments could be a sign that you are working things out, it could also be a sign that the end of your marriage is near. If you believe that is the case, you should also start to look at your legal options. The more you can prepare before your spouse files, the more quickly you can act once they do. If you can both accept the marriage is over, you can use mediation to help you settle the details and move on with your new lives sooner.




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