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Why these 4 problems may result in divorce

On Behalf of | May 19, 2022 | Divorce

Part of marriage is letting go of part of yourself and sharing your life with another. Your spouse may share similar interests, which made you attracted to them in the first place. They may have even given you something out of life you never had before your marriage.

Your marriage was going well for a while until it suddenly took a turn for the worse. You find you’re displeased with the marriage and looking at the relationship of others. There might be issues in your marriage that have been happening for a while that you haven’t noticed or let slide.

Here’s what you should look for in a failing marriage:

Your marriage lacks communication

The big stoppers to marriage can be constant disagreement, arguing, fighting and disappointment. Simply, when you go left, your spouse goes right, maybe out of morals or just out of spite. You may find your relationship never growing because you and your spouse never see eye to eye. 

You’ve lost intimacy with your spouse

There was a time when you and your spouse were constantly together. Over the years the intimacy has died down. Your spouse may not want the same level of intimacy that you long for or need.

You no longer trust your spouse

Your spouse may have had affairs. Maybe they’ve taken the household money when you’re not looking to feed a shopping habit, support their affairs, fund an addiction or something else. Either way, you no longer have the trust you once did.

You just aren’t compatible 

Many people get into relationships that seem perfect at first but turn out to be problematic. Now you’re looking back and realizing the mistake that was made. You and your spouse may be too different in personalities to stay together. 

A failing marriage may take some time before you realize it’s time for a divorce – but when you get there, you know. The steps you take next may determine how well you land on your feet after the dust settles, so learn more about your options today.


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