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2 ways couples therapy could help prepare for a smoother divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2022 | Divorce

Many people think of couples therapy as a sign that a relationship will likely fail. However, couples therapy can help people rebuild their relationships if both spouses fully commit to the process. It boasts a success rate of around 75%, making it a process worth considering.

Sometimes, despite the best intentions of the couple, some of the issues affecting their marriage are too severe for them to fully resolve even with the help of a mental health professional. Some people who already recognize that their marital disputes may be too significant to overcome with counseling may refuse couples therapy because they know divorce is unavoidable.

In reality, couples therapy can be as beneficial for those who eventually divorce as for those who manage to preserve their marriages. How does counseling lead to a better divorce?

You learn communication and conflict resolution skills

When you are able to unpack some of your biggest issues with your spouse in a confidential, therapeutic environment, you may be able to at least let go of the intense emotions associated with those conflicts. While you may not reach a resolution that allows you to preserve the marriage, you may defuse emotions that could lead to a messy divorce.

Additionally, the therapist can help you learn skills that will assist in better communication and a stronger ability to resolve conflicts when disputes arise throughout the divorce process.

You can draft a postnuptial agreement

When you have a neutral professional helping you to be reasonable and accountable for your circumstances, it can be easier to agree on what would be appropriate for the divorce. Discussions in couples therapy could give way to a postnuptial agreement. That document will possibly help preserve your marriage and facilitate a cleaner, uncontested divorce if you cannot resolve your differences.

Recognizing that couples therapy and postnuptial agreements can help those considering divorce could benefit your entire family during what has likely been a difficult time.


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