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3 things people forget to do after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Divorce

The moment that you decide to pursue a divorce in earnest, life gets pretty busy. There are numerous immediate and long-term issues that have to be handled and decisions need to be made about everything from the cars to the kids.

It’s also easy to overlook a few things. Some of the changes you need to make to fully reclaim your single life can fall by the wayside. This includes:

Updating your estate plans

Your estate plans probably weren’t weighing heavily on your mind when you were in the midst of your divorce, but they’re some of the first things that should be updated once the divorce is final.

Naturally, you want to update your will and any trusts, but don’t forget to look at insurance policies, who you named as your executor and who you gave powers of attorney designations to in case you were incapacitated. Relationships can change, especially following a marital divide.

Changing your emergency contacts

This is a small thing that can mean a lot in an emergency, and many people don’t think to update their emergency contacts with their employers, hospitals or doctors after a divorce – and the odds are high that your ex-spouse isn’t the person you want to be contacted first.

You should also take the time to update who is allowed to get information about your medical condition with your providers, just in case your ex-spouse is inclined to be nosey.

Securing your online presence

These days, people’s digital lives are very intertwined with their regular lives – and you need to give your online accounts some attention after your divorce. Every account you have, from email and social media sites to work platforms and streaming, should get a new password.

Ideally, you may want to consider switching email accounts entirely, so that there’s even less chance that your ex-spouse could guess their way into your private correspondence.

As you continue to work your way through the divorce process, experienced legal guidance can help you avoid mistakes that will make it harder in the future.


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