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Consider a prenup for the challenges of a May-December marriage 

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Prenups and Postnups

When you fall in love with someone, nothing else seems to matter, even an age gap of several years or more. Many couples with a significant age difference decide to tie the knot and enter what some people call a May-December marriage.

Some May-December marriages last forever, with the couple suffering few marital problems. Other times, the challenges of a large age gap begin to interfere with the happiness and contentment of the relationship.

What challenges accompany May-December marriages?

In many cases, a significant disparity in spousal age can eventually lead to a lack of common interests. In the early part of the relationship, it does not matter to the happy couple, but over time, it could make the marriage unfulfilling to one or both spouses. Other challenges include:

  • Social scrutiny and disapproval
  • Differing viewpoints about marital finances
  • Couples realize their life goals are not the same
  • Friends and family judge your relationship (intentionally or not)
  • One spouse has kids close to the age of the other spouse
  • Differences in religious or political beliefs

Many May-December couples in Northern Virginia enjoy a happy and successful marriage. However, the risk of divorce may be higher for couples with substantial age gaps. If you are in a May-December romance and considering marriage, exploring the benefits of a prenuptial agreement can help your union last.

A prenup allows you to address some of the issues that trouble these marriages. For example, it gives you both the opportunity to define and outline each spouse’s financial expectations and responsibilities. This alone can help your marriage succeed and even thrive. If you are already in a May-December marriage, a postnuptial agreement can fill the same purpose.


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